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Foreign Currency

MultiMoney offers extremely competitive rates for all your foreign currency exchange transactions and deals in all major currencies. You can check out the current Forex rates below.

Cash is the oldest, commonest and the most convenient method of carrying foreign exchange overseas.

Carrying small amount of local currency or internationally acceptable currency variants in your wallet when you travel overseas is reassuring and convenient - especially to make payments for the services you may require on your arrival at the destination.


Meeting personal expenses like paying for taxi fare, food expenses, tips and other expenses. You can withdraw cash from an ATM or shop for very small amounts and you need not carry loose change any more that you are left with when you encash your Travelers’ Cheques. You don’t have to waste precious time looking for moneychangers to encash your Traveler’s Cheque.


Currency notes in over 14 currencies available in your choice of denominations.


When you return back to India, you can encash any unused foreign currency cash at any of our Branches and we will happily exchange all your currency at the prevailing rates. Mixed Travel Money Wallet including foreign currency bank notes.